Sword of Betrayal Blog Tour

As part of the book release, I did a blog tour with some of interviews and reviews. Here are some links from those:



If you read Sword of Betrayal (or any of my other books), I would love if you left a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Other than buying their books, reviews are the best way you can support your favorite authors.

Published by robertevert

By day, Robert Evert is an ordinary university professor bent on stamping out ignorance and apathy wherever they may rear their ugly heads. By night, and during various faculty meetings, he is an aspiring fantasy writer. Living in northeast Ohio with his wonderful wife, two sons, two dogs, four cats, and a host of imaginary friends, Robert enjoys teaching, yoga, hiking, and writing. You can e-mail him directly at robert.evert.author@gmail.com. He’d love to hear your thoughts about his books.

2 thoughts on “Sword of Betrayal Blog Tour

    1. Thanks Tina!! I really appreciate that. Please remember to tell your friends and post reviews! Every little bit helps get Edris back for book two!

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